HELL IN HEELZ: Chapter 2 A Family Trip

The following is a chapter from the next novel by Alex Anico titled Hell in HEELZ. All writings, characters and stories property of Alex Anico (Studio Mogura)


The story you are about to read is graphic in nature. It is violent and contains foul language, sexual situations and should not be read by those offended by: motorcycle mayhem, feminist domination, sadomasochistic torture, rude behavior, offensive and strong political imagery that is critical of both government and its citizens. If any of these details upsets you in any way and may cause you to hinder the experience it is recommended you do not continue reading.

HELL IN HEELZ: Chapter 2 A Family Trip

The highway burns under the western sky. The dry heat singes the landscape as the family SUV’s tires try not to stick to the asphalt. What was supposed to be a weeklong trip touring America’s greatest BBQ cities has turned into a 3 week excursion of getting lost among arguments and back roads. After downloading a new map application made by one of Joseph’s clients, the Mui-Martinez family trip has been hijacked and has sent them touring no-name cities and empty towns that do nothing but reinforce the idea of fly over states. Instead of a smooth ride on Interstate 70 west they’ve taken US Route 50 also known as the Loneliest Highway and from there the annoying application voice assist directed them toward Albuquerque where years of cartoon programing confused Joseph into making the literal left. Sure of his twisted sense of direction and his client’s knowledge of maps and application design, he stuck to the directions and the trio somehow ended up just outside El Paso and their BBQ tour is now a taco tour.
     After reaching her limit of annoyances with Joseph, Anna has taken the backseat and is napping with an eye mask on. Tony has taken the front passenger and is playing the role of navigator as Joseph continues driving trying to make the best of their long winded road trip.

“Hey navigator, how about a snack?”

“Ok! Whacha want Pops?”

“What you got?”

“Well, mom went inside the last rest stop and got a bunch of stuff. Doritos. Peanuts. Slim Jims? What are Slim Jims?”

“What’s are Slim Jims? What the heck has your mom been feeding you?”

“Healthy stuff mostly. She says I need to go gluten free cause my stomach is full of poop. She thinks being vegan can give you superpowers.”


“She said she saw it in a documentary but I think it was something Pilgrim.”

“Scott Pilgrim?”

“I don’t know, I guess.”

“Well a Slim Jim is a beef jerky and smoked saus-”

“Holy shit what the hell is mechanically separated chicken?!”


“Para de decir malas palabras.” Anna blurts out.

Joseph and Tony look back to her and notice she is still sleeping. They look at each other weirded out by her strange tick.

“Stop cursing.” Joseph asks Tony who rolls his eyes at the request.

“What the heck is mechanically separated chicken?”

“I don’t know. But it tastes good.” Joseph says before taking a big bold bite of the beef jerky. He chews and savors the flavor as a myriad of memories wash over him. Tony sees how delighted he is and while still totally skeptical and reluctant he takes a small bite, chews the bit for a few moments and then his face lights up. He smiles and looks to his father who is shaking his head yes as if to say, “Yes, you are my child.” Tony starts taking large bites of the Slim Jim and mimics his father. Joseph looks in his rear view and notices a lone motorcycle rider way behind but catching up quickly.
“Looks like we got company.” Joseph happily announces. Tony looks into his side mirror and notices Billy on his bike much closer than he was before. The roar of his Harley Davidson can start to be heard over the Luis Miguel CD blasting that Anna needs to nap peacefully.

Instead of passing him easily Billy tails the jeeps from behind for a minute or two before pushing the throttle just enough so he can run parallel to the SUV. Tony waves to Billy enthusiastically as he pulls alongside them. When Billy gives them both a salute they notice he has a Slim Jim in his hand. Tony reacts with joy and he points it out to Joseph. The father and son raise their Slim Jims letting Billy know they are on the same team. When Billy realizes he raises his in a beef jerky toast and the three take a bite out of their snack as if they were filming a commercial. Billy then gives a wink and hits the throttle. The Harley roars like a beast and blazes past the SUV leaving it in the dust. Billy raises his hand acknowledging them as Joseph waves back trying to keep up but the Kia SUV tops out at 80mph before starting to shake and rattle.

“That’s so cool.” Tony says.

“Yeah.” Joseph says with a slight sadness. “ It sure is.”

“Pájaros.” Anna suddenly blurts out. When Joseph and Tony turn to her she is back to sleeping soundly and snoring. They look at each other kind of creeped out by her strange tick.

“Why don’t you get a motorcycle Dad?”

“Uhh I don’t think your mom would like that idea.”

“Why not? She’s got her things. She drives the Beamer like a maniac.”

“What do you mean she drives it like a maniac? Your mom doesn’t have a license.”

“Yeah she does. She got one while you were in New York and she took the beamer out to hang with Uncle Alan.”

“He’s not your uncle. Don’t call him that.”

“Why not? Mom says to call him Tio.”

     Joseph takes a deep sigh. He tries his best to keep a pleasant face as his son reveals more details of his wife’s weekend excursions. Joseph has to attend tax conferences every now and then and his prevalence as one of the nation’s top tax advisors has made him a wanted name when it comes to speakers and conferences and seminars. It takes him away from Tony on many weekends and it’s no secret it’s put a strain on the relationship. Just like it has with Anna. It’s not that she needs him there. Quite the opposite. Anna seems to look forward to weekends. Now he knows why.

“Tio” Alan isn’t related to Ana in fact, he’s her ex-boyfriend from high school. She constantly defends him as their uncomfortably close relationship makes Joseph always look like a jealous husband when he just wants to know who she’s with. He shivers and steams up as the thought of them together pollutes his mind. Their arguments have escalated now that Alan is living back in Indianapolis where the family has settled after moving out of Florida away from Alan. Joseph has convinced himself his wife pities the poor sap who spends his money on flashy items and overpriced watches and then asks Anna for loans he always promises to pay back and never does. Joseph has grown more suspicious now that she’s stopped informing him of her escapades and has resorted to finding out about his wife’s daily activities through their son. Joseph was hoping this trip would not only bring them all back together but also keep her far away from Alan for at least a few days so Joseph could rekindle their love. So far it’s been nothing but non-stop bickering over the most trivial and faintest of things. It’s almost to a point where Anna goes out of her way to argue just for the sake of arguing. Joseph’s passive demeanor is a bad mix for a hot headed Hispanic and a more aggressive approach always leads to further disaster.

It’s only been the last few days where he’s started to catch on to her pattern of behavior so biting his tongue and letting it slide have now become his mantra. It gives her the power she craves and gives him the peace of mind of knowing that nothing she can say or do can get to him, that is until she starts saying racist shit to him.

Billy has made his way to the next rest stop along the deserted highway and decides to pull in. He’s been driving for about an hour and half and wants to top off again so he can just go no stop till Phoenix. He parks at an empty pump and pulls off his Old Glory bandanna and wipes the dirt and sweat from his face. Billy enters the roadside convenience shop and grabs an extra bottle of water , some ChapStick and a few more snacks. When he places the items on the counter he looks at the cigarettes behind the register.

“Let me get some gum.”

The young female clerk behind the counter leers at him. Her name tag reads Vicky and the skinny Caucasian short haired brunette blows a huge bubble with her own gum she is chewing. The bubble pops and makes a smack that is as loud as the attitude she gives off.

“You smoke?” the female clerk asks. Billy looks at her having not been paying attention.

“What?” He asks.

“Do you smoke? You look like you smoke. But you also look like you are trying to quit.”  The clerk peppers Billy who is caught off guard.

“What are you psychic?”

“No. That’s just how we sell this thing.” Vicky points to a box full of vape pens filled with marijuana extract.

“What are those?” Billy asks.

“Shatter pens.”

“What’s that?”

“You live under a rock?”

“Under? Nah I’ve just been away.”

“Jail? You look like you’ve been in jail.”

“How did this conversation get so personal?”

“My dad was in jail. So was my brother. So is my husband. And my boyfriend.”

“Sounds like a pattern. Can you just ring me up?” Billy politely asks. Vicky snarls to him while passing his items and continuing to probe his secrets.

“So what did you go away for?”


“What did you start one?”

“Nah, I fought in one. I’m a vet.”

“Oh wow, so was my dad! And my brother. And my husband, and-”

“Your boyfriend. Got it.”

“46.01” Vicky stabs Billy with the total price of his items.

“For twenty in gas, water, beef jerky and some gum?”

“And the pen. Trust me you’ll thank me later.”

“As opposed to thanking you now?”

“You could do that. If you want.” Vicky leans over the counter to Billy trying to reel him in.

“I don’t think your husband will approve.” Billy winks and throws Vicky a smile before dropping a fifty dollar bill and collecting his items. He winks to the young clerk indicating to keep the change as he walks out of the shop.

“He’s in jail!” Vicky yells at him.

“So is your boyfriend. And your dad. And your brother!” Billy imitates Vicky as he approaches his Harley. After hooking up the gas hose and setting it to automatically pump the gas Billy packs away his snacks and items minus a bag of chips but also stops himself from putting away the vape pen. He removes the pen from its decorative box and presses a button that causes a LED tip to glow red. He starts pulling on one end and receives a huge pull of high grade cannabis oil and that expands his lungs. You would think something this strong would make him cough but the oil is marijuana in its purest, cleanest form and the hit is smooth and immediately intoxicating. Billy blows out a high cloud of smoke and is shocked to find that Vicky was right. He shakes his head and continues taking drags while the tank on his Harley fills up. As the pump clicks from topping off, Billy notices Joseph’s jeep pass the station. Billy stares it down and can see him clearly arguing with his wife Anna. Billy smiles, shakes his head and takes another long drag from the pen before replacing the nozzle on the pump.

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