STUDIO MOGURA​, a multi media think tank based in Miami,  is currently casting for its first production, “The Strategist”, a film by Alex Anico based in Miami.


If you are interested in any role please contact Studio Mogura via Threads or Instagram (must follow @studiomogura in order to message) or email


Female Lead

LOCATION: Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach

FILM DATES: TBD once casting is complete. At least 1-2 rehearsal days in the studio in Hialeah.


Veronica – A Goth socialite and cam girl manager has to turn over her thriving business to her husband after her legal issues force her to take a step back. When she breaks her house arrest she is forced to spend the day with The Strategist, a personal problem solver for the criminal underworld, who is in the middle of smoothing things out between her husband and his criminal employers.

Age: 23-35 (younger or older ok but would rather stay in the range)

5’0” -5’5” (can be taller or shorter)

Actors of any skill. No experience required.

Average/Slender/Athletic/Curvy build.

Days filming: 3-4 days (2 DAY / 1 NIGHT / 1 RESHOOT & VOICE REC) – Filming will most likely take place during the weekends unless the cast and crew can all get together during the week.

Will require 1-2 days of practice at the studio in Hialeah (unpaid but meals provided)

PAID – This is a very low budget production (less than 5k) but I intend to pay everyone something according to their skill and time required. The budget for the role is $100 per day wardrobe & meals included (MAX $300)

WARDROBE DISCLOSURE – The majority of the film is in a black cocktail dress. Incognito. Hipster Goth/BDSM Goth/Retro Goth. You must do your own makeup.

Brunette with bangs (preferred but can be other hair color but will have to wear wig for certain scenes.)

Character traits:

A Goth governess.

A cam girl porn mogul.

Similar Characters: Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, Mrs. White from Clue, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Dita Von Teese,

More Chaotic Good than Evil but still pretty evil

Likes spicy things

Loves black.


Smokes weed. (Actor doesnt have to actually smoke weed but there is a scene that will require pretend smoking or vaping)

Curses. A lot.

Loves Vietnamese food. (Scene in Vietnamese restaurant that requires eating Spring rolls and Vermicelli)

If you have any of these traits please send Studio Mogura an email or contact via Threads or Instagram.

This is a creative safe space. Masks required on set in close quarters.