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Robert, a Hispanic American college freshman on summer break, is fired from his part time job at the mall and is now able to attend the last Full Moon Nights, a monthly rave secretly held at Malibu Grand Prix, a Miami go-kart and amusement center that is closing its doors now that the it is scheduled to be demolished to make way for high end condos. With his best friend Chavez, the two produce drum & bass, a high energy form of dance music that emphasizes crushing drums and ear shattering bass lines and both cannot wait to drop their latest track at the party. But before they can Robert wants to find MDMA pills for the final event so he embarks through eclectic Miami neighborhoods in order to meet a dealer who might have product at the last minute while his relationship with his other best friend Alvarez deteriorates with the delinquent Cuban American building a serious rap sheet by robbing convenience stores and jacking dealers while trying to influence Robert who hopes to turn a hobby into a career. . Robert has to decide whether the chance to score is worth the danger of being roped by the cops on constant patrol or being ripped off by hoodlums or even worse, having to attend the craziest party ever to take place in the Magic City absolutely sober.

Full Moon Nights is a LatinX, urban comedy and homage to the city of Miami. An EDM centered Dazed and Confused for the new millennium, with the drugged out observations of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A humorous exploration of friends, drugs, dance music and the lust bred between young hearts that are free. A culmination of incidents averaged out to the sum of a typical weekend in Miami. A peephole into the world of underground electronic dance music and a celebration of a not so legal event whose memory is in danger of being buried underneath the condos that now occupy its former location.

About the Author:

Alex Anico is a writer and director, known for Shannon (2016), Bitch, Please! (2003) and is the creator of the web comic Friends in Square Places and the graphic novel International Horror Association. He is the owner and operator of Studio Mogura, a multimedia think tank based in Miami, FL. He is a two time back to back finalist for the MIA Animation Festival Pitch to the Industry Contest, a finalist for the Zed Fest Screenplay Competition 2016, received an honorable mention from the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest in 2016, quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest in 2016, was an official selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival screenplay contest in 2017, an official selection of the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival in 2017, a double semi-finalist for the 2017 Boston International Film Festival, a finalist for the New York Screenplay Contest in 2017, a Top 50 selection for the Road to New Republic Feature Competition and a quarterfinalist for the 2019 Screencraft Animation Competition. Born in Queens, NY & raised in Miami, FL Alex Anico is a graduate of Rollins College, and holds a degree in studio art with independent studies in screenwriting & filmmaking.